PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Pad Controller
PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Pad Controller
PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Pad Controller

PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Pad Controller

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Music creation made fun, fast, and easy with the ATOM SQ is all about creating a groove while in the groove. Just set up a couple of loop points and bang out your beats and melodies on the fly, without getting bogged down in setup, or configuration.
A staggered 16-pad layout ensures that both keyboard players and drum programmers will be right at home, and the pads' pressure sensitivity allows for truly expressive performances. The eight assignable rotary encoders can be mapped to control nearly whatever you like, and RGB LEDs in the pads make for gorgeous, intuitive color coordination of your samples and loops.

Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite are included, so you'll be making beats on day one-and its bus-powered, portable design means you can create nearly anywhere. Get an ATOM SQ and sculpt your music by hand.


  • 32 velocity- and pressure-sensitive, RGB LED pads in a unique, staggered layout; intuitive for keyboard players and step sequencer fans
  • Context-sensitive screen displays valuable parameter information, including CC assignments, swing, and much more
  • Eight endless rotary encoders can be easily configured to control nearly any software parameter
  • Includes 2 loop packs with custom kits for Impact XT
  • Expressive arpeggiator for dramatic, easily-performed melodies
  • Includes custom-curated content libraries for ATOM SQ
  • Constrain to Scale feature puts an end to wrong notes forever
  • MCU and HUI modes for transport control in nearly every DAW
  • Powerful MIDI mode lets you control your favorite DAW or virtual instrument with ease
  • USB bus-powered for easy connectivity and maximum portability
  • USB-C compatibile port

Software Included:

  • Studio One Artist production software for macOS® and Windows®
  • Ableton Live Lite (for registered users after October 20, 2019)
  • 2 bonus loop packs with custom kits for Studio One’s Impact XT
  • Compatible with most music production and performance software for macOS and Windows